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Molds and plugs

Sogel offers a complete line of products for the manufacturing of molds and plugs:

Plug Primer

  • Excellent projection and thick layer (up 60 mils)
  • Fast curing (within 1,5 hours)
  • Exceptional sanding and polish surface after curing
  • Easy to sand (320 sanding paper grid)
  • Semi gloss finish after polishing
Technical information: TDS

Plug Finish

  • Excellent projection and fast levelling
  • Ease to sand (1,5h, 320 grit sandpaper)
  • Incredible glossy surface after sanding
  • Product available in different colors: White, orange, black and clear

Technical information: TDS


Tooling gel coat

  • Outstanding HDT resistance (240 to 260 F)
  • Porosity free
  • High gloss retention after several production cycles
  • User friendly – ease to polish and applicable with air less equipment
  • Product available in different colors: Orange, black and neutral
  • Product available in different grades: Polyester and vinyl ester

Technical information: TDS

Tooling PrintShield barrier coat

  • Low shrink
  • Print Blocker
  • Improvement of finish surface
For more product information, please visite our section for PrintShield barrier coats