Front-runner in aesthetic high technology gel coats
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Gel coat for styrene free backings




Hybrathan ™ gel coat : A hybrid gel coat for Polyurethanes

The first processable gel coat for polyurethane backings that has reached the end-user market

  • Optimal processability: Porosity free
  • Excellent adhesion to polyurethane backings
  • High scratch resistance and gloss retention
  • User-friendly: FRP conventional equipment and tooling, optimal lay-up time
  • Available for Class A surface in solid colors, exotic colors and metallic effects
  • Affordable price

Technical information: TDS / Press release


Gel coat for Hybrid rovings (Twintex®)

The first gel coat with proven bonding to Twintex® and Polystrand ™

  • Excellent adhesion to hybrid roving
  • Stable performance within 30 minutes at high temperatures (175 – 200°C / 347 – 392°F)
  • Good flexibility after high temperature exposure
  • User friendly: hand spray equipment

Technical information: TDS


Gel coat for Epoxies

The only one step process with excellent bonding to epoxy

  • Excellent adhesion to epoxy backing
  • Class A surface
  • Stable UV performance
  • User friendly: Application with conventional equipment and one step process - There is no need for Ti-coat to obtain good bonding.

Technical information: TDS